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Since our beginnings 13 years ago, we have claimed a cool spirit inspired by 50's icons.


Our products, our style, our attitude defend this elegance that Steve McQueen transmitted to us by being the King of Cool.


Our name, in turn, reveals what is written in our DNA, will never leave us. Hero Seven is the idea of being your own Hero, not the one at the top of the bill, but the everyday one. The brand has been committed since its inception to the Coeur de forêt association and participates in reforestation and the preservation of the biodiversity of forest ecosystems.


This revival of cool means elegantly defending a new way of life. It means thinking differently by applying the basics of what tomorrow will be like to the present.

New Gentleman

Elegance in all circumstances Hero Seven claims a lifestyle inspired by vintage chic and carries a message imbued with modernity.


It is also an ecological spirit!

We are a partner of the COEUR DE FORET association to which we donate part of our profits for planting trees in the Amazon.