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Since our beginnings 13 years ago, we have claimed a cool spirit inspired by 50's icons.

Erroll TEBOUL, founder of the brand, is aimed at the modern man who wants to stand out in every compartment of his daily life with style and virility. Passionate, he develops with his style team, the collection lines, having this approach.

HERO SEVEN is enjoying incredible success thanks to you who have been able to decipher the codes of this way of life and pass them on to future generations. Photo collector of STEVE MC QUEEN, he began by creating lines of t-shirts printed with the most famous shots of the icon.

His anti-hero roles made him an icon of the counterculture, and in 1974 he became the highest-paid American actor in the world.

30 years after his tragic death, the star is still present...

Terrence Stephen McQueen was born on March 24, 1930 in Beech Grove, Indiana, United States. He was an American actor, producer, racing driver and motorcycle driver.

He died on November 7, 1980 in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
Steve Mcqueen loved cinema, women, speed. He was living his life at 200 an hour.

The immense Steve McQueen left us just 39 years ago, when he was only 50, a very young age to leave, even for a Hollywood shooting star.



Always inspired by STEVE, find our other lines of the moment.

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